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Apartment starting
$3.5 million MXN

Bonus from $80,000 MXN for furnishing with GAIA

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    UP Santa Fe: The upgrade of urban life

    Apartments designed under the HOT concept (Home - Office - Terrace) equipped with a private Residential Club that has it all. A smart investment located at the Gateway to Santa Fe.

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    Innovative HOT concept

    UP Santa Fe offers you a complete living experience with its Home - Office - Terrace (HOT) design, which integrates your personal, professional, and outdoor connection space in a flexible and welcoming design.

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    Apartments designed for your comfort

    Beautiful apartments intelligently designed to take advantage of excellent lighting, natural ventilation with balconies of up to 3 meters, and spectacular floor-to-ceiling views that connect you with the city.

    1 bedroom Starting at 63m2
    2 bedrooms Starting at 80m2

    Upgrade your lifestyle with our Club Residences

    Enjoy an active lifestyle with the activities of the Residential Club, with more than 10 amenities, and the "Concierge a la carte" with 30 services available from your resident app.

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    Diseño y eficiencia en cada uno de sus espacios

    Nuestro estacionamiento funciona de manera inteligente con estructura helicoidal que permite un flujo más rápido hasta en un 50% y fortalecer la capacidad sísmica de la torre.

    Move easily to Santa Fe's hotspots

    Get to the area's hotspots quickly with our scooters and electric bicycles or connect immediately with the roads to CDMX and Toluca.

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    Residencial Agwa Bosques

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    Traditional Model

    Preferred by our clients who will live in the project

    • 10% Down Payment
    • 30% Monthly payments during construction
    • 60% Upon delivery of the apartment

    Preferred by 95% of our investors

    • 5% Down payment
    • 95% Monthly payments during construction

    If the payment method is not the one you are looking for, ask our advisors for a customized plan.

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      Centro Santa Fe 2 min
      Samara Shop 8 min
      Park Plaza 8 min
      Patio Santa Fe 8 min
      City Market 5 min
      Sam’s Club 4 min
      Walmart 12 min
      Iglesia 13 min
      IBERO 7 min
      Tec de Monterrey 6 min
      Universidad Westhill 8 min
      ABC 4 min
      Bité Médica 9 min

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